When I am outside painting, it is the composition–a certain arrangement of shapes and colors–that "grabs" me. It is almost physical. I know I have to paint it, exactly how it should look, and which relationships are important.

Paintings and Places

A sense of place is important for most people. Finding the place where the spirit feels at home can be a life-long search. My paintings portray places that bring me joy, comfort, peace and sometimes excitement. For many years, I’ve been painting “en plein air” in Colorado, New Mexico and San Juan Island, Washington. With this style of painting, it’s easy to move my materials from place to place. Because I have always enjoyed traveling and experiencing other cultures, I often paint abroad—even studying painting in Italy along the way. Painting on location allows me to absorb the whole “sense” of a place.

Lately, I’m experimenting more and more with subject matter and materials in my paintings. Moving away from sculpture has freed me, in some ways, to explore concepts and abstractions. Landscape painting, plein air in particular, has been my long-time passion, however, as I continue creating, my body of work is becoming more abstract.